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Our easy healthy organic baby puree recipes will be the most useful baby food cookbook you will buy. Feeding baby with natural organic recipes will give them a great start to the world. We have a great selection of homemade baby food ideas. We also have our top ten tips to starting solids/weaning and some great natural nil feeding products to use for wrapping and putting baby food into. Plastic is so bad for the environment so try ‘wrapping it green’ with some of our nil products. Or if there is no alternative try at least to reuse and recycle.

Our purees range from Banana avocado baby puree to Pumpkin and thyme puree. Easy, organic and healthy! We have lots more ideas over at the blog which is written by real mums. You will find not only healthy baby recipes but recipes for all meals.

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Customer Reviews

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Fiona l
Easy recipes

Nice easy recipes.

Joanne Evans
Simple and easy

Well set out and very simple to follow. Thanks!

Annabelle Young
Different purees

This is a perfect ebook to give you some ideas for different purees.