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The nil laundry soap is a solid laundry bar. Perfect for rubbing on stains, soaking, handwashing delicates, baby clothes or toys, or to take away when travelling. It is also perfect for cleaning reusable nappies. 

Say goodbye to stubborn stains and wash your delicates the good old fashioned way with this natural laundry soap bar!

As if Pacific coconut oil wasn’t talented enough already, turns out it’s also a secret stain-removing ninja. Rub this bar up into a lather to treat your delicates to a delightful hand-wash – or for especially tricky stains, rub straight onto wet fabric.

  •  Made with 100% biodegradable ingredients
  •  Removes stains easily
  • Soft on your hands as all natural -no preservatives or detergents
  •  A perfect bar to get all the stains out of reusable nappies. And other tricky places



Saponified coconut oil

Comes in lemongrass, peppermint, or original unscented for sensitive skin

Size 100gram

80mm x 50mm x 3mm

Not suitable for washing machines.

Ethically made in New Zealand

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Kip Jacob
Smells great. New favorite detergent

Low suds, smells great, not overwhelming. New long-term customer 👌

Tale Andi
Great laundry soap

I have loved this laundry soap since I found it years ago at Natural Grocers. We get compliments on how our clothes smell. My clothes are clean, fragrant, soft, and the smell last just as long as normal detergent. Plus I like that this isn’t a detergent so no harsh chemicals are constantly on your skin! Will buy it again!

Amilia Malin
Gentle laundry soap with a great scent.

I love munch so I was intrigued by this product. Was happy to discover that not only did this soap do a great job cleaning my laundry, but it left everything with a delightful scent of patchouli! Great for towels and bedding! It is gentle on fabrics as well.
I should also add that you don’t need fabric softener when using this laundry soap. Towels come out soft and fragrant without losing any absorbency, which happens when you clog the fabric fibers with liquid fabric softener.


Smells wonderful. House smells while washing outside smells while drying and clothes smell afterwards for days.

Best detergent EVER

LOVE this stuff, my mom was the first to use it. Everytime I went to her house I always thought it smelled soooo nice in there. Eventually I purchased some and fell in love. Cleans the clothes very well. The scent is not over powering and in fact if you use this regularly YOU won't even notice it, however others will.