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Eco tips for your bathroom

Eco tips for your bathroom - top 10 tips

So how much unnecessary waste do you think you create in your bathroom? We do know there will be some that is necessary but there is a lot you can do to create very little waste in your bathroom.

1 Toilet paper

Yes a necessity of course. But for hard core greenies there are wash towels available with sprays that you can use. Keep a bucket in your toilet for the used wash towels and then wash them. To be honest this seems a little too hard for us.

So for us, toilet paper is a must. Toilet paper goes into our water ways and disintegrates so not bad. But it really is about the source of the toilet paper.  There are a number of great brands such as Greencane who source their paper from sustainable forests. Their paper is made from bamboo and recycled sugarcane.

2 Toilet brush

An easy eco swap here is to replace that plastic toilet brush with a wooden one.

3 Soap

We live in a world that seeks convenience in all parts of our life. The pump bottle of liquid soap is one of those. Usually they come in a plastic bottles. If you already have one, keep it and just refill it at your local refillery or online through us. We have Hand soap as well as Shampoo and Conditioner. You can also replace that plastic bottle with a glass bottle.

Or you can use a traditional hand soap and a bamboo dish to stand it on.

Then we get to types of soaps. SAY NO to PALM OIL unless it is from a SUSTAINABLE FOREST. A soap does not need a hundred and one ingredients, simple ingredients are best. Remember everything that goes into our water ways effects our fish etc. If you have sensitive skin look for oatmeal soaps as they are gentle on the skin.

4 Toothbrush

Get rid of that plastic brush and replace it with a Bamboo toothbrush. We have ethically sourced Adult and Child toothbrushes. Try buying different coloured ones so you don't get them all mixed up.

5 Toothpaste

We are still waiting for one of the large toothpaste companies to produce toothpaste in either reusable tubes or biodegradable ones. We would love to see refilleries offering toothpaste in bulk so people can put them in glass jars etc. We offer the toothpaste tabs which you chew in your mouth and use them like toothpaste which are a really good option. They are great for travelling and camping too.

6 Hairbrush

Replace that plastic brush with a sustainably sourced wood brush. There are many options and styles on the market.

7 Face cleanses and other face products

There are many brands on the market that offer a green alternative to caring for your face. Try brands like Tailor, Welda, Antipodes, Aelph to name a few.

8 Face wipes and cloths

Replace those throw away face wipes with NZ wool reusable face wipes by nil products. These are eco friendly from the source and from a waste free point of view as they last years.

9 Shaving

Get rid of that plastic razor and replace with a good quality stainless steel razer. Make sure you find a brand like nil who not only sells the razors but will collect back the blades.

10 Cleaning the bathroom

Head to your local refillery or buy on line through us an eco friendly toilet cleaner, floor cleaner and multi purpose spray. We carry brands like LittleFoot, Green Goddess and Ecostore, these brands do not have any harmful chemicals for our water ways or for your skin.

So that is about it for now. Make sure you check out our 10 tips for an eco friendly kitchen.