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Unpaper towels. What does that mean? Reusable towels, not made from throw away paper. They are what our Grandmothers made many years ago.  But now we realise that our society has become a disposable one rather than a reusable one.  AND our planet is suffering. Become a sustainability champion with nil and join the unpaper towel movement.

Our unpaper towels can be used over and over again. Just through them in the wash and hang them out with the nil stainless steel pegs to dry. Then start using them again. Once you are ready to through them out, they will biodegrade as they are simply - pure - cotton!

We sell them in mixed design packs.

Our wooden holders are perfect to store your towels on. But you can also keep your towels in the draw.

Size - 25 x 22
Material - cotton

Ethically made in New Zealand

Customer Reviews

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Best ever

I love these!! Soooooo much!! We just moved and instead of buying paper towels we bought these. I use them for literally everything. Washing dishes, napkins, spills, cleaning, wiping down. When I use them, if I used them on something light like a spill or washing dishes I keep it there and will designate that one for that task until I think it needs to be washed. If I used it for something more dirty or with a chemical to clean then after use I just throw in the washing machine with my other towels and such and then brand new and fresh. It comes with so many that they’re always in rotation without even missing buying paper towels. I also love that it’s so much less wasteful. They’re absorbent and can handle pretty much all of our daily needs that would otherwise be paper towels.

Harry Luke
Great towels!

We purchased a set of these to use for the first time and they are great! We feel we're doing something good for the environment by not using paper towels now and these work very well. And, they can be washed and reused which is a big plus. They are well worth the purchase!

Braxton Leo
Very Good and Ecological

I have had these clothes for about a month. They are absorbent in drying my hands and wiping up countertops. I have needed to use them on a larger spill yet. I am very pleased with the Mioeco. My need and use of paper towels have reduced and these clothes wash well in the machine. I am very happy with them.

Isla Harper
Highly recommended!

Excellent quality, perfect to cut down on disposable paper towel use!

Joann Stack
Great substitute for paper towel

These are good quality clothes suitable for all types of household chores and cleaning. I was looking for something sustainable to replace paper towels and I think these will do nicely. They worked well to absorb spills as well as wipe a mirror. It's too early to tell on durability, but I have every reason to believe they will hold up to regular washing.