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A subscription box with everything you need for your kitchen clean ups. A subscription box that is easy and guilt free by creating nil harm to the planet. All our products are eco, ethical essentials. Say no to all those nasty plastic and chemical products and say hello to the nil Kitchen Subscription Box.  

We are making it easy for you to be eco friendly with your everyday products which we have made beautiful for your kitchen. Be a sustainability champion with us!

Just $19.99 a month to be an eco goddess, god or an eco they. You will receive a box every second month for 6 months as shown in our images and described below. 

Choose a box below and that will be your starter box and then the next delivery will be one of the other boxes.  After the first 3 boxes you will then receive a surprise gift in each box to a value of $14.99 including a new dishcloth, tablet, bin liner and dish soap as you will need those every time!

This is a saving of over $45 dollars when you buy this subscription. Grab one now.

First box contains:

Compostable dishcloth x 1

Scourer x 1

Bin liners x 1

Dish soap x 1

Multi spray tablet x 1

Amber glass bottle with trigger x 1

Second box contains:

Compostable dishcloth x 1

Scourer x 1

Bin liners x 1

Dish soap x 1

Multi spray tablet x 1

Dish brush x 1

Third box contains:

Compostable dishcloth x 1

Scourer x 1

Bin liners x 1

Dish soap x 1

Multi spray tablet x 1

Vege brush x 1

More details on the products in your box below:

Compostable dishcloth

nil eco dishcloths replaces 15 rolls of paper towels, saving you money and creating no harm. They soften in contact with water and can absorb 15 x it’s weight. They also dry fast so they don’t breed bacteria or smell.


This durable and absorbent scourer is a great alternative to synthetic sponges/scourers. Made from natural cellulose, this sponge is able to absorb water that's 18 times its own dry weight. A great asset to the nil eco dishcloth, dish soap and dishbrushes

Bin liner

Our compostable and biodegradable bin liners are the perfect alternative to traditional plastic bags. Our bin liners are made with corn starch and breakdown in 3 months. Comes in a pack of 20.

Dish soap

nil Dish Soap is here! We have removed all unnecessary ingredients and packaging to create a simple New Zealand made solid dish soap. 100% natural soap. No nasties - no detergent.

Multi spray tablet

Fill an empty spray bottle with water, drop in the refill tablet, and get cleaning! 

Amber glass bottle

This Amber glass bottle holds 500ml for all your refillery cleaning products.

Dish brush

A stylish new addition to your kitchen. Our wooden dish brush is part of our new brushware range. Fully compostable for cleaner dishes and a cleaner planet. All natural, strong and versatile, and quality craftsmanship. 

Vege brush

To compliment your other brushes you will receive our 100% natural Vege brush.

Are you ready to become a sustainability champion with us? Help the planet and become guilt free with us? Help our fellow humans and use natural New Zealand products now!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Aria Hazel
Had a blast

Totally worth it. The kitchen items are very useful and functional. I have been so impressed with the high quality material. Highly recommended.

Perfect for a budding foodie/chef/home cook!

Finally, a box that is a winner. Great subscription box. I recommend this box to everyone.

Isabella Ruby
Love the concept

I have very mixed feelings about this whole subscription:
The colors of the product/kitchen tools are vibrant and bright. Everything my daughter has received so far has been good quality and I've actually used hers instead.

Love these!

I purchased the first box offer containing dishcloth, scourer, bin liner, dish soap, multi-spray tablet, and an amber glass bottle. Very useful and outstanding products. I must say I have never used these products before.

Xavier Toby
Must use again

Munch Kitchen Subscription Box is just awesome. I'd really like all the eco products in the box. Really it's a complete package for your kitchen.