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Award winning - aluminium-free, baking-soda free sensitive skin natural deodorant.  Stay confident and fresh all day long.

It's powerful key ingredients work to prevent odour and reduce sweating.

KEY INGREDIENTS For Vanilla Sensitive

Coconut Oil is a powerful moisturiser with antifungal benefits which also strengthens the skin barrier. Helping the deodorant to glide on the skin.

 Magnesium Hydroxide keeps odour at bay by gently altering the pH levels on the skin preventing bacteria growth.

 Tapioca Powder absorbs up to 150% of its own weight in sweat and oil.

 NZ Manuka Oil inhibits the growth of bacteria on the skin that causes body odour.

 Scented with soft vanilla. (So Vanilla)

 Note: As this deodorant doesn't contain any baking soda or scent you may find you need to re-apply more than the scented options. The colour of this deodorant is a soft brown - the colour of natural vanilla. The product goes on clear.

 This deodorant is not an antiperspirant - it contains no aluminium and won't block your sweat glands.