Anna Bordignon

Founder CEO

Anna Bordignon has three little beautiful boys. She practised law for over 10 years in NZ and UK. While she was raising her first son Anna completed an MBA as she was keen to move into the entrepreneurial world but with a purpose. Anna wants to change the world and leave a positive mark on the planet and the people she works with.   

Production and Logistics Manager

Sonya Whittcase is a highly experienced Production Manager.  She has worked for many New Zealand manufacturing companies ranging from Starfish clothing to Eureka and many others.

Sonya has two boys and loves working for a brand that stands for supporting the community and the environment. Sonya manages stock levels and delivery of products to customers and to retailers.  Along with the production of all products. She is the link between production teams, sales and head office.   

Sales Account Manager 

Kat Greager looks after our general retail sales. Kat has a breadth of experience in sales, merchandising and brand management. Her dog Pippy often comes to HQ with her to hang with the team.

Junior assistant

Meg Hardie-Boys provides support to both the sales and production team.  Meg is first year out of high school and brings her energy to the business.

Production team 

Yudy, Nel, Nadine, Julie, Jen, Casey, Donna, Chantel, Scarlett name a few of our wonderful makers.

Sales Representatives

Chris is our South Island Sales and Merchandiser.  She has a wealth of experience in Sales and Merchandising.

Grant and Ricky are our Upper North Island Sales and Merchandisers. They also have a breadth of experience and expertise in this field

Danielle is our Bay Plenty/Waikato/Mid North Island Sales and Merchandiser.  Danielle comes with a lot of passion for eco products and has extensive experience in her field.

Kat looks after lower north island sales for us. She has a wealth of experience in sales and merchandising.

PR and Marketing

Kathee Gunn from 360 marketing looks after our marketing in Australia and New Zealand

Showroom and refillery staff

Scarlette and Meg are our key Showroom/refillery helpers.

Advisory Board

Jackey Laverty

Jackey has been a cheerleader for nil since it's inception. Jackey was originally Icebreaker's Distribution and Sales Manager. Jackey sits on a number of impact business boards and brings passion and experience to nil. 

Simon Cowley

Simon is the co founder of Karma Cola and All Good Bananas. Simon has a wealth of knowledge in impact businesses that are financially successful. Simon brings his experience and learnings to assist with the growth of nil.