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Reusable, Eco friendly, non stick baking mats.
These reusable baking mats will last you years. Use them instead of baking paper to minimise waste in the kitchen. Great time saver for work and school lunch preparation as no greasing required or messy tray to scrub. 

Made from food grade silicone - BPA and phthalate free.
• Non stick surface, durable and flexible.
• The perfect size to fit standard baking trays or cake tins.
• Roll away for easy storage.
• Dishwasher safe and easy to clean - Safe in oven up to 200 degrees.


Rectangle Large: 40 x 30 cm

Rectangle small: 26 x 29 cm

Round: 30 cm


Our nil silicon baking mats are part of our Product Stewardship Silicon Collection Project. The first ever in the Southern Hemisphere. Like all our products we are strong believers in leaving no waste from our products. You can send your silicon products to us at our Showroom as we are the first ever collection point for silicon. We will then reuse the silicon for another product. You can read more about this over at our Product Stewardship Silicon Collection Point here.

Customer Reviews

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Works Amazingly Well!!!

Received this as a gift. Easy swap. I haven’t had to use any baking paper since receiving this item.

Kat M
Good quality mats

I really like this product. These baking mats work very well. I can finally stop lining my baking sheets with foil. They are very smooth and have just the right amount of thickness. They work great. I made pigs in a blanket the other night. Usually, with the foil-lined pans, the bottoms get overcooked, but with these mats, everything came out evenly browned. The food lifted right off the mat, even the cheese that leaked out of the side wasn't burned and came up easily. I wish I had taken a photo, but I hadn't planned on writing a review. This is a real money saver and I can't wait to bake on them again.

Paul Krumrie
Non-stick for baked goods, no-slip on the pan

These baking mats are amazing. As a test, I baked a batch of cookies using one of these mats on one end of a cookie sheet with another brand silicone mat on the other end . . . same cookie dough, same oven, everything else was the same. The cookies on the SimpliFine end of the cookie sheet came out perfectly shaped, perfectly baked, and wonderfully moist and chewy. The cookies on the end with the other silicone mat ran all over the place, looked a mess, and were hard and crumbly. What a difference! These are going on my list of favorite things (a list I compile throughout the year and then gift 'my favorite things' to my daughters every year for Christmas). They are each going to get a set of these silicone mats. They're just the best.

James Mason
Best Baking Mat

These baking mats are made of good material, both sturdy and easy to clean. Love them.

Oliver Jack
Easy to use and clean

Have never used a pan liner before this, was always greasing or parchment. This is so much easier and will end up less more parchment purchasing!