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Our nil baby soaps are gentle on babies skin.  No fragrance and no nasty chemicals. We wrap them in our organic beeswax wraps so you can keep the soap in the wrap when you are not using it. 

100% natural

NZ made

Coconut from the pacific

Soft and gentle on the skin

No nasties

We wrap them in our baby fabrics. Please let us know if you have a preference ie purple, blue or orange.

Customer Reviews

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Emily Maëlys
Perfect for baby AND me

Smells great, and leaves my skin baby soft! Will definitely be using this on my new little one this spring. 🙂

Smells great, tear free and makes a good sudsy clean

I love this soap. I transitioned my toddler from johnsons and johnsons which was making his skin too dry, aveeno which did not produce enough suds and therefore felt like I wasn't getting my baby clean enough, to this. I love the smell, it's tear free, it produces a good sud and leaves skin feeling moisturized. Love love love this soap!

Nevaeh Keira
Best soap for babies

I am worried about my baby's skin, now using this baby soap gives my baby's skin feel very supple and it increases my baby's skin tone also.
For people who are bothered about their baby's skin tone, this is the best you can go for it.
It is dermatologist recommended.

Charlie Molly
Love Love Love!!

This is the only soap I use. It actually moisturizes my skin. it doesn't leave me itching and it smells amazing. just like a baby. I love it. and when I am too lazy to do my night face skincare, I use this on my face for cleansing and it's amazing. trust me I have very sensitive skin and this does not break me out at all.