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Berry Pancakes for toddlers

Babies loves berries! In fact natural yoghurt with some frozen berries can be a popular dessert! Berries are a superfood packed full of vitamin C. Something our toddlers need a lot of with all the nasty bugs flying around daycare centres, kindy and playcentre. This recipe could also be used for finger food for babies 10 months and older.

This recipe also includes wheatgerm which has a sweet, nutty that enhances the recipe. Wheatgerm is a good source of fibre and omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 6 fatty acids are essential fatty acids that are needed for human health which, like omega 3 fatty acids, we have to get through our diet. We need them for brain function, and normal development and growth.

You can freeze these and whip them out for a fast morning tea or at breakfast time for a change to cereal and toast


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