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5 reasons to stop single use plastic

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.  BUT we can all do our bit to stop this from happening. One person can make a difference and everyone must try.  Remember we are role models for our children. Let's start with looking at plastic straws and pegs.

1 Most plastic is toxic

Some plastic straws and pegs are still being made with materials that are potentially toxic or carcinogenic.

2 Plastic is not biodegradable

Even though many disposable straws and pegs are made from recyclable materials, they can be difficult to recycle. According to the Strawless Ocean in the US, plastic straws are too lightweight for recycling sorters and drop through sorting screens and end up in landfills. (And that’s only if someone bothers putting them in the recycling bin to begin with.) As for pegs, majority of the time they break and just end up in the rubbish bin without people even considering to recycle them. But just like straws the likelihood of pegs being able to be recycled is very low in most countries.

Plastic can remain in the environment for over 2,000 years because (most) plastic is not biodegradable. So your delicious drink that you sipped through a straw in 2 minutes will in fact last in the environment for generations. Is this being fair?

In fact, it’s likely that every straw you’ve ever used in your life still exists in the environment somewhere. It just degrades until its microscopic. Even burning it creates harmful dioxin emissions that are bad for your health and the environment.

3 Straws and pegs pollute the ocean

For several different reasons, straws and pegs frequently end up in the ocean because they’re littered on the beach, blown out of trashcans, or washed down storm drains, among other reasons. Studies predict that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by weight. Because of their small size, aquatic animals can confuse bits of plastic for food and choke on them.

4 Straws and pegs made from stainless steel can be reused

Stainless steel items in 316 steel grade can last for ever so that people can reuse and reuse and reuse.  Try thinking about buying products that will last you a life time not 2 minutes for you and 1 million years for our treasured environment.

5 Plastic Straws and Pegs are wasteful

An average person will go through 15,000 straws and 1,000 pegs in 60 years. No wonder a hundred thousand sea animals and a million birds die each year due to plastic consumption.

What can we do?

To make a change, it’s as simple as asking to not get a straw with your beverage when you order one. It may not feel like you can save the planet on your own, but little habits like this help raise awareness and your influence can easily spread. One small gesture can have a huge impact.

Buy products that last a life time and reuse them for ever.  Try our Munch Stainless Steel Straws and Pegs.  Carry your straws in our carry bag so you have a straw when you are out at a café or restaurant.

So say no to single use plastic and hello to products that you can reuse and not leave such a polluted footprint on our planet.

We can all do the right thing. Be empowered and then empower your children.