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Change, your healthy companion or your enemy - thoughts by Anna

Change is either your enemy or your healthy companion. 

Changing jobs, changing partners or just changing your haircut.  Change needs education and thought for most. I think sometimes people make changes to quickly these days without thinking through all the consequences. But then there are the procrastinators who need that immediate change to make them move along. I am a bit of both, from sometimes being the first to jumping in with excitement on things to taking far too long to make changes when they are effecting others.  When it comes to making changes for our planet I do think it takes time to plan and put in place strategies to follow through. Making that change to knowing what to recycle or compost takes time. See below some of our tips on recycling. It is far to easy to sometimes favour convenience, for example when you are throwing out your rubbish or buying food that is heavily packaged.  These days I believe we do things at speed and often without thought.

Eco tips - recycling
Know your numbers!  Each council has a different number that they will collect for recycling. In Wellington the council will take number 1, 2 and 5.  Note: Polystyrene, soft plastic and Tetra Pak cannot be recycled in kerbside recycling.
We collect here at the Showroom Tetra Paks, Milk bottle caps, Razor Blades and Ecostore bottles.And of course SILICONE as that is part of our amazing silicone recycling project.

Back to the word 'change'. I think with covid19 we have found that change is not our enemy as we can make changes for good. But they need thought and time so we can all follow through successfully in that change.

Anna x