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Clear positive thinking - hope talks - monthly thoughts by Anna our Founder

Muddled thinking and the love of clarity.

I love being around clear thinkers and communicators. To me that is a strong focused individual who is very powerful. Also I think it is very sexy!

 I mean those that are able to extrapolate large complex information (both intellectually and emotionally) down to a well balanced and clear point that they are able to articulate empathically to another. I have added the word 'empathically' as if a person is unable to communicate empathically I would rather they kept their mouth closed, as to me empathy keeps us human, connected without judgement, avoids the establishment of hate or confusion (I know a lot to unpack there but not for this mailer otherwise it will be too long)

I don't really care if the point is not from my perspective but I love the clarity of the thinking and the empathetic delivery of it.  I suspect that these people have many 'thought storms' but are able to temper them and draw out logical arguments.  Along with the ability to really unpack the levels that are blocked to address the real feeling and need that is driving a position.

I can be a clear conscious thinker and my legal training has helped me do that, however when there are two many opinions, too much distraction, too much negativity, too busy, not enough time to process and be in the present I get a little muddled.  However once I am clear I just love that feeling of freedom of thought and all that needs to happen from there is to release it through conscious action.

I think the whole green movement can be so overwhelming and distracting. There is so much confusing information around what is eco and what is not. Unfortunately there is a band wagon of great business people who are focusing on the negative aspects of companies trying to be green rather than offering positive solutions to keep moving it forward. No one likes to be told off. Also many of the messages are not well thought out and the only clear point is the ' haha look what I have found, they are being naughty', which is essentially the ego talking  This has not happened to us but I see the trend happening and I believe it is not helpful to the cause.

I have been asked to do a Tedtalk style presentation at the end of September to around 300 people in a theatre in Auckland. I will be accompanied by 8 other amazing entrepreneurs.  Yes a little daunting and quite outside my comfort zone but the amazing part is that I am getting trained by Miriam from Naked Audience who specialises in training CEO/Entrepreneurs on impact speaking. My talk will be about the lack of hope that our young ones have for the future based on the retort around climate change. As you can tell above, it is one of my pet hates as language and messaging can effect how people see the world and more to the point can demotivate people to take action. 

Till next time - grateful
Anna Mills-Bordignon xx

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