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Living to our values - is that possible and how
Living to our values

I have recently done some work around how I want my life to be going forward.  Mainly because I have had a bit of time lately as I have been recovering at home after surgery.  I recall before children I often had yearly mantras, values, goals and I was really good at sticking to them. But over the last 16 years they have fallen away as my time has been given to my children/family and their goals. I am still doing that for my children but I decided it was time to work on mine again.

To be honest I use to think people who read so called 'self help' type books as being slightly crazy and belittled it. About 18 months I joined my first business group called EO - Entrepreneurial Organisation.  You have to be at a certain revenue level to be invited into the organisation so it is not for one hit wonders.  But this organisation is all about growth on all levels being family, personal and business.  And the reference material (which includes business books, self help type books and much more)  have been fantastic.  I do love learning and I am quite a little fact gather.  In fact, I am going to set up a little funky library in my home in the new year. A warm, soft, relaxing space with delicious calm lighting.  So last week while sunbathing on my deck in the Wellington Spring sun I read a book called Life by Design, Jack Daly. Although this chap is pretty extreme as he even measures sleep times so not something I would be looking at doing.  Also I believe there is something about just letting things happen in good time.  However he had some good ideas on values.

So I want to live more to my values and as you know looking after the planet is one of my values (along with fitness, connections plus the basics of being a good human - honesty, trust, integrity and loyality).  Have you considered what your values are and do they flow through in all parts of your life?  I suppose I want to amplify mine as much as I can afford too.

This month I purchased a new EV car. Previously I drove a hybrid but I thought it was about time to go the full way. One of my dreams is to build a full eco off the grid house by the sea, but that will just have to wait for now. I think a big part of it is to get lost in the research and design of the build.  Recently I had a beehive installed in my garden. I would love to only eat plant based food but I do have three boys so going to try at least 5 nights plant based. I am currently looking into solar power at my home and hope to progress that as well. I am also researching how I can be more energy efficient in other areas in my large 3 level old wooden NZ house (maybe a little impossible to be fully eco - whatever that means!)  I am also in the process of expanding my vege pod which conveniently sits outside my kitchen door.  

Things that I am already doing are below (thought this might give other people ideas):
  • Obviously we use all our Munch lines in our home from dish soaps, dish cloths, teatowels, wooden dish/veg brushes, cleaning tabs, compostable bin liners,  laundry soaps, laundry dryer balls, laundry sheets, stainless steel pegs, beeswax wraps. silicone and cotton covers, baking mats, wooden utensils, wool make up removers, body soaps, wood ear buds, reusable coffee cups, straws etc
  • We use our Munch refillery for all our cleaning products
  • I try to buy high quality second hand clothing
  • We recycle
  • We compost
  • We try and shop local for our food and if buying new clothes I would buy New Zealand made or designed locally
  • We are conscious of our food waste and try to use all parts of a food source when cooking or baking
  • When we travel we use Mevo EV cars 
  • We off set our carbons when taking flights
  • We dont print anything at home and use devices to record things
  • Kids take buses when they can
  • We would love to shop for our groceries at unpackaged supermarkets, but not possible. But I do try and buy products with the least packaging.
We are certainly not perfect but we are trying. Small steps count.
Is there anything else I should be doing? Email me your ideas to

Will keep dreaming about that eco build by the sea of mine to really be eco to the max!

Thanks for listening to my ramble again 
Anna Mills-Bordignon xx