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Making a difference

We wanted to share with you more about the steps we take and certifications we have gained, verifying the eco and social impacts we are making at Munch.

When you buy Munch you are not only reducing your plastic use and choosing products safer for you and the planet - but you are supporting our social initiatives.

Since our establishment in 2014 we have naturally worked from a sustainable, social and ethical premise. 100% sustainable kitchens for the world. We celebrate all businesses that are trying to save our planet even if those steps are small.  We do not critique the steps that have not been taken yet as we just need businesses to start.

Part of advocating for what we believe in requires us to show you all what we do. We have had to balance up the cost of obtaining certain worldwide certifications against drawing peoples attention to the work we do.  As in many instances we are naturally practising them but the cost of obtaining the certifications have been cost prohibitive. However we show you below some of the accreditations we do hold. You can also read our bi yearly Sustainability and Social Impact report.

Small optimistic steps can save the world.

Anna B x



GOTS Fabric Certification

We have had this certification since 2015 and will only ever work with GOTS certified fabric.  We work with an Indian Fair Trade Organic Fabric company in India to produce our fabrics and they offer our off cuts to social initiatives in India. They are also Fair Trade certified.

Usedfully -Textile reuse programme

We are a member of the Usedfully textile reuse programme.  We have joined them to make a commitment to a circular economy for the textile and fashion industry. 


Carbon emissions

We have measured our carbon footprint with  Ekos and received a Carbon Friendly Certification. Our estimated carbon footprint for the period 29/05/2020 to 29/05/2021 was 8.074 tonnes of CO2e which is very low.


Living wage

We are currently working through our accreditation for living wage which we believe we have been doing since our establishment.

Home workforce

We have produced over 1 million sewn/handmade goods through our reinvention of the Home workforce model to provide many large retailers with our goods. 

Our workforce are mainly women who often find it difficult to obtain part time work from home or have been rejected from the workforce.  Working from home allows people to work within their own hours and there is no accessibility issue.  A concept that was prevalent prior to the Industrial Revolution.  Over the last 100 years this type of work has almost become non existent.  We have over 20 women who each week receive a box from HQ to make our products in their homes. We then pick this work up and pack and ship all over the world.

Our international suppliers

Our international suppliers are required to commit to our 7 point sustainable and social justice commitments. You can read more about this in our Sustainability and Social Impact reports.

Ākina Impact Supplier

We are approved as an Ākina Impact Supplier in New Zealand. This is an impact certification for social procurement. Ākina have a procurement platform that connects organisations to businesses capable of delivering goods and services that are sustainable, ethical and also making a positive impact on society.


We are a member of this organisation and give back to our chosen charities in a quarterly manner.



We offer a sustainable training session each week at our Showroom to help children with some current sustainable ideas such as product stewardship.  We also work with schools for fundraising.

Before people became aware of the plastic issues facing our planet, we were one of the first to advocate for Plastic Free goods and we are always finding new ways to produce, education and advocate in this area. See more about our Silicone Send Back initiative.

Product Stewardship

We ensure that all our products have a clear eco loop. We make products with minimal waste. We always look at who makes our products, how they are made, what they are made from and what footprint will they leave. Read more on our blog. We are working with the Sustainability Business Network on a number of educational pieces in this area.


We are in the process of working towards being a BCorp organisation.


IMAGE CREDIT: D Nurpalah, sourced on UnSplash and approved for use.