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How to have a sustainable Christmas

10 ways on how to have a sustainable Christmas

1 Scarf wrapping

Pick up or buy second hand scarfs to wrap your gifts for Christmas.  Lay the scarf on the table. Place the gift in the middle of the scarf. Then pick up a corner from each side and tie. Then do the same with the other corner.

2 Buy local

Simple as that. Buy local.

3 Choose gifts that last

Think long term. Don't buy cheap plastic gifts. Offer a Munch gift voucher to a loved one for them to buy sustainable products that will last.

4 Donate a gift

For the person who has everything, how about donating to charity and giving them a card to let them know this.

5 Homemade cards

Use old pieces of cardboard to make your own cards. A bit like scrap booking.

6 Natural Christmas tree

Try making a driftwood Christmas tree or a living plant in a pot. Don't buy another plastic one.

7 Make your own crackers

Try making your own crackers. A great thing to do with the kids.

8 Be connected

Enjoy your family. Ignore differences and sing loudly, hug often and enjoy your day.

9 Homemade baking

Make your own Christmas cake. Our favourite recipe is Nigella Lawson's Christmas cake recipe. Easy and in her recipe she makes reference to New Zealand! Make your own Christmas pies. Try one of our recipes here.

10 Left overs

After Christmas day, turn all your left overs into a delicious omelette or just fry on the BBQ. Put your fresh fruit in the freezer to use later in an ice pop.