FAQs - #thegoodfacemask

Is the Good face mask a 3 layer mask?

Yes our masks have always been 3 layer masks. Our design was taken from an open sourced design by a Dr in Hong Kong who researched the best style cloth mask to give the maximum protection.

Are 3 layer masks suggested by Governments?

Yes but not single or two layer cloth masks.

What is the Good face mask made from?

Our masks are made from 100% cotton. The research shows that cotton is better than a merino, silk or a stretch knit. The front and the back is made from cotton. Note the insert filters that we sell have a backing to further prevent airbourne particles to enter.

Where is it made?

It is made here in New Zealand.

What are surgical ties?

Our mask comes with elastic ear loops and attachable surgical ties. These ties can be taken out of the mask if you do not require them. They hold the mask tighter to the face. They are also great for people who wear hearing aids or glasses. The ties are made here in New Zealand just like the elastic and nose wire.

What type of nose wire do you use?

We use a flat malleable nose wire that is made in New Zealand. This particular nose wire allows you to mould the mask over the ridge of your nose. It means the mask becomes closer to your face which is very important. You do not want your mask to  bag. It should fit tightly around your face (but comfortable).

Are your filters N95 certified?

No they are not NZ certified but our imported filters are certified in China. They have a P2.5 imprint on the filters. ‘When used with a fitted cloth face mask made to pm2. 5 specifications, a carbon pm2. 5 filter is capable of achieving up to 90% filtration in the critical fine-aerosol range. This is just a few percentage points away from a medical-grade respirator’.

Our NZ wool filters are not certified as N95. But Lanaco our New Zealand supplier states the following. The HELIX.iso™ filter range filters 80% of 0.3 micron particles. The wool-based HELIX™ Filter Technology for is great for  breathability. Any organic markings are harmless and are proof of the filter’s natural origin. Here is a link to there page with more information about their filters. 

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