reusable tea bags (4pk)

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Did you know that many disposable teabags are made from plastic?

Information about previously unknown secrets of home brewed tea has been making the rounds on social media, and some surprising facts are emerging.

  1. First and most shocking, there's actually plastic in many of the popular tea bags on the market.
  2. As a result of this, you shouldn't be composting these tea bags, as you're contaminating the compost with non-biodegradable plastics.
  3. Since they aren't compostable or recyclable, they end up as waste in a landfill.

Making the switch to reusable bags easy and cheaper in the long run.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Hollie Gordon
These are so cute!

Beautiful little tea bags. I love to use them, they make me want to drink tea all day!

Love using the reusable teabag

Great quality and easy to clean! Love that the tea leaves no longer spill into my cup :)

Zoe Paterson
Great bags, packaged nicely.

Absolutely wonderful, I love them! I ordered one of the smaller size tea bags. The quality of the tea bags is so good! The packaging was lovely! Honestly I am obsessed! Thank you!

Wanda Menger
Great sustainable product!

Cute bags for loose tea leaves and awesome v stitching. Good quality right here but one of the itty bags doesn't have a string to close it. Ill find another use for it.

Lesley Kay
Very happy with this product

I am so glad I ordered from this shop! The reusable tea bags are well made and were shipped very quickly. I will not hesitate to purchase from this shop again.