stainless steel pegs

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Never buy plastic clothes pegs again. Buy something that will last a life time. Cheap plastic pegs will end up in the rubbish bin very quickly and they will never ever breakdown. Use our stainless steel metal clothes pegs now.

SIZE They may look small but they are mighty strong! They can hold jeans and double layered pants in the wind without a problem. They can also hold very thin & delicate clothes securely.

STRENGTH Made from STAINLESS STEEL, so they last for a very long time. And they will NOT get rusty.

MULTI- USE Not only handy for hanging out the washing these can be used for paper, photos, decorations, crafts and more.

Size: 58 x 12mm, 1.7 mm wire diameter

Set: 20

Customer Reviews

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Jane Nicole
Love these

Love these! I am slowly adding up my collection. No more busted plastic pegs! I also look forward to making more purchases in the very near future

Maverick Josiah
Very happy with the pegs.

Very happy with the pegs.

Ellie Nora
The stainless steel pegs are great

The stainless steel pegs are great! Excellent in windy times and so helpful in that they can be left on the line without fear of rusting.

Chloe Grace
I love these pegs

I love these pegs! They keep your washing on the line, don't perish and don't hurt the environment. I don't mind paying for that!

Penelope Aria
This is the exact quality of peg

This is the exact quality of peg I have been looking for, for a while now so happy with my purchase.