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Coconut milk ice pops

These coconut milk ice blocks contain no refined sugars. Not only are they delicious and healthy they really only take a couple of minutes to prepare.

You could use an ice cream maker to process and freeze the mixture initially. However you can also simply freeze them straight in the ice pops or in a plastic container. The advantage of using an ice cream maker is that you don’t get any ice crystals.

Coconut milk is high is saturated fatty acids an easy source of energy, the main source is lauric acid. A fatty acid that helps fight against bacteria and viruses and also helps promote brain development. Interestingly breast milk is the only other natural source of lauric acid.

Coconut provides a nutritious source of meat, juice, milk, and oil that has fed and nourished populations around the world for generations. On many islands coconut is a staple in the diet and provides the majority of the food eaten.

Nearly one third of the world’s population depends on coconut to some degree for their food and their economy. Among these cultures the coconut has a long and respected history.


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