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Pork and pear meatballs

In this post we share a great recipe for pork and pear meatballs. Pairing meat with something sweet is a great way to get little ones to eat more meat.

Meat is a great source of protein. For children aged 1-3, it is recommended that they consume approximately 13 gm of protein. When aged 4-8 they require closer to 20 gm of protein per day. Women require approximate 46 gms per day!

Sometimes for after a couple of months eating solids with gusto some babies suddenly refuse the spoon, this often coincides with introducing meat. This is usually because of two main reasons:

  • texture – it is harder to get a smooth consistency pureeing meat than fruits and vegetables.
  • metallic taste – you can try and conceal this by pureeing fruits such as pear or apple along with some vegetables into your meat purees.

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