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Black bean, corn and tomato salad

Having an easy standby salad recipes that work with a variety of meals is essential for busy parents. This black bean, corn and tomato salad is easy to prepare and extremely tasty. It is a zingy, colourful, tasty option. Serve at your next family BBQ. This is great with tacos, wraps or pulled pork. 

This is an easy way to add some extra vegetables and colours into your families diet.

Hopefully your little ones will enjoy this salad as much as you do. Most kids seem to like corn, and the beans are just like those in ‘baked beans’ I tell my kids. If your kids don’t like tomatoes you could either leave them out, or chop them to a size where they are easy to fish out. If your kids don’t mind green bits in their food, then you could add in some chopped coriander for an extra flavour dimension.


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