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Eco kitchen tips for eco warriors

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A LOT of people are looking to make the switch to lead a more sustainable and environmentally friendly life. With so many products on the market, it's hard to know which is a brand to trust. Eco-friendly brand Munch have helped us with some nifty tips which you can take on board to make a difference in your own kitchen, without it breaking the bank.

Dish brushes

Get rid of that plastic dish brush as it will be with us on the planet for hundreds of years! Your great grandchildren will be digging it up from the ground - yuck. Replace them with an ethically sourced wooden dish brush. If that wasn't enough, you can also buy wooden bottle brushes, cup brushes and veggie brushes too.


90 per cent of dish cloths contain microfibre which makes a complete mess of our waterways and prevents any form of breakdown in the landfill. So replace your common dishcloth with one made from cellulose cotton in the Swedish style, which can feature some cool designs.

Pot scourers

Get rid of those pot scourers made from microfibre or even steel (unless you have a recycling option for the steel) and say hello to natural pot scourers. These are made from cellulose cotton and sisal.

Dish soap and liquids

Our grannies use to use dish soaps for their sinks and Munch has recently released a dish soap that is 100 per cent natural. The benefit of a dish soap is that you are saving over six plastic bottles.

If you are already using a liquid dish soap and do not wish to change to a soap bar, at least refill your bottle. Munch have an online refillery

Bench top cleaners

There are plenty of brands on the market that offer eco multi purpose bench cleaners so lookout for one. Some are available in bamboo cotton which you can throw in the washing machine and reuse over and over again.

Beeswax wraps, cotton food covers and silicone food covers

Silicone covers are great for meat, cotton food covers for salads and beeswax wraps for everything except meat.

Compost bins

Grab a stylish compost bin to sit on your kitchen bench so you can easily put your left over veggie scraps into it. When it's full - or if there's anything particularly potent - put in your large compost bin outside. Contact your local council to see if you're eligible for a complimentary compost bin.

Food pegs/clips

If you need to keep food in packets then use stainless steel pegs or wooden food clips to keep it closed.

Food containers

Glass containers are the best option to store food in for long periods of time in the pantry.

Reusable produce bags

Consider organic produce bags, bread bags, and shopping bags as an alternative to plastic. 

Shopping lists on your mobile

Use technology to help you and the environment. Use your mobile phone to keep shopping lists or use Alexa or Siri.