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Our Refillery
What is a Refillery?
A refillery is a place to fill your own container with a range of household and personal cleaning products. It is designed in an effort to reduce the waste of buying a new container every time you run out of a product. With a refillery, you can reuse your bottle over and over again!
How does it work?
Our refillery is located in our Wellington store. Simply weigh your container, refill with one of our many products, re-weigh and calculate - and you're good to go!
To order online, you must order a 500mL minimum. Find the desired product on our website and we will have it ready to send out to you. 
What we have:
In our refillery we have a range of brands- eco store, little foot, green goodness and more. We have everything from baby bubbles to dog shampoo! Find a broad range of bathroom products, such as conditioner, shampoo, hand wash, laundry powder...
In our kitchen range we have things such as dishwash powder and liquid, multipurpose spray and floor cleaner
To check out more of our variety of products, click here.
Collection point
We use our refillery and showroom as a collection point for the following items:

These will be recycled and/or sent to the Sustainability Trust to give them a new purpose. 


We'd love to see you pop in - find us at 471 Adelaide Road, Wellington.