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The Ultimate Eco-Warrior Toolkit, from Real Life Eco-Warriors…

One of our Munch mottos is; “You can make a difference, every day, in every way”. And, a large part of our brand story is helping families be eco-friendly…

We’re about empowering families to change the world. Because they can! By making it easier to be sustainable, without huge effort, costs, or time constraints.

Congrats ECO-Warriors – you smashed Plastic-Free July. We are so proud of you!

To enter a recent giveaway, participants had to comment on how they were creating eco-friendly habits. We had over 200 comments across Munch and @nilproducts - showcasing inspiring eco-activities.

We were so inspired, we just had to share it. So, below we cover:

The Ultimate Eco-Warrior Toolkit, from Real-Life Eco-Warriors (you guys!).

We hope you recognise some habits from your own household, and give yourself a pat on the back! It’s nice to know that you’re not the only one trying to make a difference. There are a huge army of families out there who are also taking small steps to help. 

The Ultimate Eco-Warrior Toolkit, inspired by YOU:

Cindy has tried only shopping from local second-hand stores.

Emily-Jean has stopped using glad wrap completely, and instead, uses beeswax wraps for food storage.

Angie has been using a worm farm to compost and worm juice for fertilizer. Judith and her grandson developed a worm farm and have been busy feeding their scraps to the worms together – what a great learning opportunity!

Carolyn has been planting native plants on her land, as well as planting mother trees next to the smaller ones to increase chances of survival. She has also been encouraging healthy fungi growth.

Sue and her family tried plant-based meat in their meals for a whole week! It was their first time trying this, and made sure to buy them biodegradable packaging – Ka pai Whānau! 

Gillian has been trying out composting for the first time.

Kelly has been making her own soap and cleaning products at home.

Beki has been saying NO to the little plastic soy sauce fish that come with sushi, instead she pours it from the bottle while instore.

Jess has been composting hay and animal poop on her farm, to make eco fertiliser.

Boston has been buying in bulk and making ‘nude lunches’ instead of using separately packaged items.

Eddie’s family are trying to recycle more consciously, teaching their kids the ins and outs of the correct recycling process. Eddie says it’s amazing how much can be recycled after a little extra effort!

Debbie has only been buying brands with a recycling option at their end-of-life, or with compostable packaging.

Abbey and Chev have been collecting seaweed off the beach and making their own chemical-free sprays for the veggie garden. 

Eugene has been attempting to do one new sustainable task each day.

Kai has been picking up rubbish while he walks his dog, Pippy.

Sonia has been buying soap and deodorant in bars, instead of plastic bottles.

Gabrielle has been making an effort not to buy her kids cheap plastic toys that break easily – go Mama!

Amy has been using reusable paper towels, and tissues made from bamboo fibres.

Fleur has been taking her soft plastics to local soft plastics-recycling bins – which are normally in supermarkets.

Summer has been using reusable period cups.

Lucy is using reusable food pouches, instead of buying yogurt in plastic pottles.

Grant has been buying milk in glass bottles from a local seller.

Claire has been making a conscious effort to think of the environmental impact of purchases, before she makes them.

Megan has been turning off the tap while shaving and brushing her teeth.

Sheridan has made use of disposable facemasks – worn and are ready for the bin, she used them to pick up dog-doo on walks!

Elizabeth has been teaching her son how to recycle and takes a stainless steel straw with her everywhere.

Bella got her Whānau to take their own cups when going out for hot chocolates.

Rebecca has been using reusable nappies on both of her young girls – Go eco-mama!

Amanda has been shopping at her local refillery, where she can take her own containers and fill up virtually anything.

Rachel has swapped from plastic scourers to eco-friendly, cellulose fibre scourers.

Lesley has been growing his own produce from scratch, and always checking his purchases to consider disposal of every commodity. 

Marlene has been repurposing old glass jars for baking ingredient storage instead of throwing them out. 

Stacey has been researching biodegradable toothbrushes and searching for products that cause less or no damage to the Earth.

Becky’s family have been using the Munch Stainless Steel Bento Lunchboxes for their lunches. They’ve been feeding all leftovers to their chickens, and using teabags as fire starters.

Ida has been recycling since the 80’s… that is a long time! She teaches her children and grandkids the basics from a young age so they can carry this skill throughout their lives. 

Angie has been using steel laundry pegs instead of plastic pegs.

Pania and Troy have instilled that earth is precious and the importance of loving it in their tribe of kids from day one. They do the best they can as a family.

Paula didn’t forget reusable shopping bags at the supermarket all month!

Mike has been using silicone covers for his leftovers.

Bridget has been taking her own containers to the supermarket for deli meats and salads.

Jen and Jacqui have been making their own plant-based coconut milk, and using the leftover pulp for baking so there is zero waste. 

Irene has stopped buying individually tinned or pouched food for her cat at the supermarket. Instead she has been making homemade cat food!


You guys are truly just amazing; we’re absolutely stunned at the passion a lot of you carry and we think we need an office worm farm!


Remember, every small change eventually adds up to make a HUGE difference.


For example, it’s recommended to change your dish brush monthly – some households may even change this more. If you swap to Munch’s Wooden Dish Brush, it will last much longer than that, and over the course of a year it will save 12 plastic brushes from your household waste. WOW!


All our products are eco-friendly, from being reusable, organic, or biodegradable. Everyday products making a difference. Useful, beautiful and green.


It is up to us to show the way. Let’s be the ones to raise the next generation of Eco Warriors!