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EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women

EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women, what is it?

The beginning of the year is a time to buy stock and plan for the next. It really is not a time to do some personal development. Having said that, you do not get much time for personal development, when you run your own business, as you are just running! Unlike the ole corporate days when it is always available.  Also you always try to look after your amazing team and the business generally before anything else.

Anyhow a lovely lady from Ernst Young asked me to apply for the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Awards. She chased me a few times, as I have been so focused on getting money into the door rather than spending time on my development. Anyhow she was so persistent, thankfully, that I did apply and I got it in.

The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Awards – New Zealand programme is an executive leadership programme that identifies a select group of high-potential women entrepreneurs whose businesses show real potential to upscale — and helps them do it. It is designed for women with established businesses who are ready to upscale operations and grow to become global market leaders.

Our annual EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Awards – programme brings entrepreneurial winning women together to meet with a diverse and experienced community of successful entrepreneurs, board executives, industry leaders, and professionals who work with entrepreneurs around the world.

Many programmes focus on helping women to start a business. Entrepreneurial Winning Women is focused on accelerating growth for businesses that have moved beyond start-up.

We provide practical strategies and an action plan to ensure your growth is both ambitious and built on a solid foundation. This is a hands-on workshop, focused on sharing knowledge and insights from successful entrepreneurs, to motivate and inspire you to take your business growth plans to a whole new level by:

Thinking big and being bold
Building a public profile
Working on the business rather than in it
Establishing key advisory networks
Evaluating finance options for expansion

To be selected for the New Zealand EY Entrepreneurial Winning Woman Award, you must meet the following criteria:

Woman business owners
Minimum of NZ$1m in sales in each of the last 2 years
The business has the potential to grow substantially

I meet some amazing women from mainly service based industries such as a gaming company, HR company, ex sports Olympian, medical services, charities and many more.  Over the time we all talked about our businesses and set the discussion against 7 Drivers of Growth.  A big thank you to EY for providing such a course and inviting me to attend.

Now fun time is over, back to business as usual!!