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Femmepire Summit

Professional headshot photos, make-up artist, goodie bag, donut walls, kombucha, delicious eats, chill lounge, wines, inspiring stories… You may be thinking that we are about to talk about an amazing competition however you would be wrong. This is the Femmepire Summit. It’s a day to celebrate woman doing amazing things in the business world and telling their stories. It’s a day where woman celebrate each other’s success and help other woman to reach theirs… So I guess you could say it’s a celebration party.

So what is the Femmepire Summit? According to their website it is “New Zealand’s most gangbuster female conference ever, which is more like a good time than just a conference. Come and connect with fellow femtrepreneurs, creatives, industry experts and female though leaders”.

 Now where does Munch Cupboard come in with this. Well as per their website “We’ve curated a speaker programme inclusive of women from all walks of life and at different stages of their careers. Our speakers range across multiple sectors from media, fashion, tech, social enterprise, creative industries and CEOs of large corporates”. Munch Cupboard is a social enterprise and we are very happy to announce that Munch Cupboards founder was on the “Leading with Purpose” panel. Anna had such an amazing time and absolutely loved speaking at the conference.

 We absolutely love what Femmepire stands for which is: Woman helping woman means everybody wins. Some of you may not know this about Munch Cupboard but we are all woman. The majority of us are mothers raising young families and we are lucky enough to have the freedom to work for an amazing company and still be able to pick up our kids from school.

Empowered women empower women

 If you would like to read more about Femmpire Summit click on the link here.