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Produce bags for Plastic Free July

We are so lucky to have such amazing mummy bloggers test out our products and give us their honest feedback. So with that being said this week we have a Munch Produce Bags Review for you all from Hannah from Raising The Rutlands so make sure you click here to check it out.

With Plastic Free July being well and truly done we still look at plastic alternatives and how we can replace those pesky single use bags. So we brought out our Munch Produce Bag. These produce bags are really stretchy so you can store heaps of produce in them. They are also super strong so you don’t need to worry abut the bags ripping and your tomatoes going all over the ground getting squashed and bruised. These produce bags are super easy to clean as well! So on the off chance you leave a mandarin in them from your weekly shop and the mandarin goes mouldy you simply can just chuck the produce bags in the washing machine and that’s it. Simply dry and you’re sorted!

In Hannah’s review of the Munch Produce Bags she says “The Munch Produce Bags take up hardly any space so I keep them in my bag at all times. Now I just couldn’t be without them as I use them almost every time I’m at the supermarket! I’m not an eco warrior by any means, but I truly believe everyone can make one or two small changes towards using less plastic. I love that there are companies like Munch that are working towards making reusable practical products for families.”

Other great parts from these produce bags that I love are all the different bright colours. They stand out so you never forget them plus they are super light weight so you don’t need to worry about that added weight when it comes to weighing your produce. These bags are also extremely breathable! You can keep fruit and vege in the bags in then fridge and not have to worry about them going bad at all. If you want to grab yourself a pair of these amazing produce bags then click here.