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Gift for Healthcare front line workers

Thinking of you initiative.

We are so proud to one of the below amazing New Zealand brands to gift product to the New Zealand Healthcare front line workers.  In total we contributed together $250,000 worth of products.  It was also supported by Export NZ and New Zealand Food Grocery Council.

Hundreds of care packs were delivered to many hospitals throughout New Zealand. Grins staff delivered many of these parcels directly to the hospital staff.  One of the Grin team said the following:

 It truly made my day and makes me believe it is true blessing that we have the chance to make contribution when we can (Tara CEO Grin):

 “Today we delivered another 150 care bags to the ICU and ED staff at Auckland hospital. We were truly humbled when they thanked us for the small act of just thinking about them. They have the same fears and anxiety as everyone else but they have to face the hard realities of Covid 19 every day. For them to know that they are appreciated and that there are businesses working together to give them a small gift has far greater value and any of the products they received today. When you witness the massive positive impact of this small gesture, you know how blessed we are to be able to give back. We can see the good that has been created and I only wish we could tell more people about it to encourage all New Zealander’s (businesses and individuals) to take care of each other and that we can get through this together. By getting this message out as much as we can we hope to let all frontline workers know they aren’t forgotten and to inspire others to help those in need in any way they can.”

I totally agree and I am so proud to have been part of this amazing gifting initiative. I think it is important to remember everyone (and that is everyone) has the same fears and anxiety around Covid19 and if we can find ways to be kind, this is the least we can do.

Take care and be kind.

Anna x

PS below is a very primitive but meaningful video I did for this initiative. I love the wiri wand.....