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What a whirlwind of events.  A change in how we view our world, our health and our businesses.  It still makes me very sad that my children are experiencing a global pandemic.  I am from a generation that has been so lucky with no world wars, reasonable economy and no world wide disasters.  Our grandparents lived through world wars and the depression.  They seemed to have come out of fine and I am sure we all will as well.  But it is very hard to see our world change so dramatically in such a short space of time.

Yes I am proud to be a New Zealander and how we have managed this terrible virus in our backyard.  So far so good. But I still worry whether there will ever be a vaccine but I do hope we will find an antibody and at least stamp out what we can. I also worry for the economic ramifications of what is happening around us and how that will effect relationships, mental health and our society as a whole.  I do unfortunately think there is going to be hard times ahead for many over the next couple of years.

Well, I am going to try my damnedest to make sure I keep as many people busy and employed as I am capable of doing.  This is my drive, my mission for my greater community.  By doing this, I believe we will help those people to stay mentally fit, contribute to their family income and be proud of being part of something exciting. As a business owner, it is my duty to do this and it is my duty to find new exciting ways to ensure the longevity of a business that I have thrown my heart and sole into. One that I am very proud off and one that I do not want to lose.

So to keep my people busy and employed we pivoted (super quickly) to making NZ made cloth filtrated reusable masks.  To this day, I have never launched a product as quickly as I did this one.  We had the design, retail packaging, production, legals etc all done and dusted within 48 hours!  Although like all our products we are always fine tuning as we go along.

However it has been the hardest product that I have ever launched, there has been a lot of sweat and tears over this one.  However I feel very lucky to have an amazing Production Manager who has been incredible. The main reason is that I feel a strong responsibility to ensure that we are helping and not hindering health matters. So for me, it is so important to make sure we are saying the right things, we are checking carefully all the claims by our Suppliers and at the same time looking to see what other people are doing in this space.  I suppose it is my legal background coming into play and my sense of community responsibility.

Is it weird seeing people wearing masks and making them? Absolutely yes. Sometimes I think about it and it makes me very sad to think we need such a thing. It also took a long time to convince my Sales team that this is something we ought to do.  But then other times I think, I am so proud to be producing over 1000 a week (and growing dramatically) and keeping at least 10 sewers busy. If we are going to have to wear such things, lets make it bright and fun. AND that is what Munch is about.  So this little project #THE GOOD FACE MASK is one that I would never have thought we would be doing but one that I feel we are in fact doing our little bit to help New Zealand in so many ways.  We are doing our little bit.  We cannot save everyone and we cannot be global right now but we can do our bit.

Take are everyone xxx

You will find out masks available on our website, Farmers, Healthpost, Oncit, Farro Fresh, Foodstuffs AND many more places. If your favourite store does not have #THE GOODFACE MASK then just ask and tell them to email us.