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Hello Aussie friends

Hello Aussie!

As some of you know we have been selling into Australia for the last couple of years. We started with a couple of Sales people in a couple of states but we found that was hard to sustain.  It really requires a large distributor or myself to reside in Australia to make it work. Well that is my opinion. 

Anyhow Pre covid I met up with a key Distributor in Australia (who in fact lives down the road from my inlaws - which is handy) who have recently signed both brands. and  This is very exciting for us. Especially with the state of the world and the growing border policy between New Zealand and Australia.  It is really the right time to grow that export market.

She is in fact taking on our full range which is very unheard of as many Distributors pick at ranges and that can hinder a brand overall.  By working closely with her needs we have fined tuned our ranges more specifically which has really helped our brand focus.  Our Munch range is only kitchenware and something we will continue to develop. You will find a number of new products are due out over the next couple of months..

As for our nil brand we are only offering that brand to Australia as our nil harm beauty brand.  A very focused ethical brand.  We have new amazing fresh clean unique packaging coming out over the next couple of weeks.

Covid19 has given us a lot of opportunities that we have grabbed and pivoted towards. However many of the opportunities we have been working on for sometime but they seem to have grown recently. Although I am still mindful that the world still has a lot to deal with and there will be no business as usual for sometime.  So I am still planning for the worst and hoping for the best!!

Take care