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Rebrand - here we go

Firstly thank you to all our amazing followers who answered our brand survey back in February. Just before the world started changing.... 

As you know in March/April our total focus was on making 10,000's of reusable facemasks so it has not been till now that we have had time to get back to business as normal. Well the new normal as everyone says.

On the brand survey we asked questions like what did the brand mean to you.  What you liked and did not like about the brand.  What did it represent etc.  Overall many of you said that you thought Munch was just a kiddie brand. Over the last few years we have been selling just as many kiddie lines as we have main product lines. So we needed to widen the brand with the look and feel. And this is exactly what we did.

The other main comment was that the logo did not show off the sustainability of the brand which is the main focus for the whole of the business.  The logo was designed for our first product being a baby cookbook, almost 7 years ago. So it was not surprising that the logo did not now reflect what the brand was about.  So we have fixed that too.

What you all liked was the colourful nature of the brand and the painterly graphical look which we are keeping.  You also said more advertising and more of Anna, which we are working on.

I am pleased to show you our new logo that will be going up on many online sites and throughout our products.  I hope you like it as I do!!

For me it is a more grown up brand image (which we are now), it links the sustainability focus clearly and still keeps our playful nature with the painterly look and the little bite of the strawberry.  The bite also links the word munch with a visual and to food.  And it is not too far from our original brand so that you all still recognize us in the busy world of many brands.

Stay safe and thank you.

Anna xx