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How can we #investinourplanet for World Earth Day?

It’s on April 22nd, and we’re so excited!

World Earth Day is an annual celebration that raises awareness of the need to protect Earth’s natural resources for future generations. 

Munch is about empowering individuals to change the world. We aim to make it easier to act sustainable and shop consciously, by producing every day, beautiful, green products that make a difference. Together we can make change happen. World Earth Day quite literally means the World to us.

How can you #investinourplanet?

How about opening a family discussion about eco-conscious issues or small changes you could make together, perhaps you might even end up at the beach collecting rubbish!

Aim to shop consciously, although this is easier said than done, consumers are very powerful. Where you choose to spend money directly impacts profits and large companies are learning this. You are already a driver of change; you have the power!

Think about disposal before you consume. You could start this by thinking of your household waste. What is most commonly in your rubbish? What makes you think - this doesn’t feel kind to the Earth. Who makes these products and what mark do they leave?

Here’s some easy eco-conscious swaps to try; swap cheap plastic-heavy dishcloths, for a biodegradable eco dishcloth.


Cling-wrap could be swapped for beeswax wrap. Find our favourites patterns for lunchboxes here.

Or maybe… it's those cheap plastic pegs that always break and end up in the bin, these could be switched for sturdy stainless-steel pegs that last a lifetime.


We’d love to hear from you - what eco swaps you’re making, or how you’re participating on April 22nd!


Happy World Earth Day 💚

PS. are offering a virtual ‘Earth Day Live’ event this year. Its free!