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Three layer cloth masks — what you need to know

There's been a lot of talk recently around cloth masks and how much protection they offer. To cut to the chase, three layer cloth masks are recommended by governments, but NOT single or two layer cloth masks. At Munch, we have our very own line of three layer, 100% cotton face masks that have a pocket for a filter insert. We receive a lot of frequently asked questions about our masks, which is understandable — there is a lot of information out there, and at the end of the day, you want to make sure that you’re best protecting you and your family. Keep reading to learn more about our product #TheGoodfacemask and how it can keep your loved ones safe.

The specs

#TheGoodFacemask by Munch is a three layer, New Zealand made, 100% cotton mask. Research shows that cotton is better than a merino, silk or a stretch knit. Our mask design was taken from an open sourced design by a Doctor in Hong Kong who researched the best style cloth mask to give maximum protection. It features a pocket for a filter insert which we sell separately; we have both a wool and non-wool filter option available. In conjunction with the mask’s three layer cotton protection, the filters also have a backing to further prevent airborne particles entering.

Our mask comes with elastic ear loops and attachable surgical ties which are both made in New Zealand. These ties hold the mask tighter to the face, but can be taken out if you do not require them. The ties are great for people who wear hearing aids, and they prevent the fogging up of glasses too. 

#TheGoodFacemask also features a flat, malleable nose wire that is also made in New Zealand. This particular nose wire allows you to mold the mask over the ridge of your nose, holding the mask closer to your face. This is very important as you do not want your mask to bag — it should fit tightly, but comfortably, around your face.

The certification of our filter inserts

Our filters are not N95 New Zealand certified, but our imported filters are certified in China; they have a PM2.5 imprint on the filters. When used with a fitted cloth face mask made to PM2.5 specifications, a carbon PM2.5 filter is capable of achieving up to 90% filtration in the critical fine-aerosol range. This is just a few percentage points away from a medical-grade respirator.

Our NZ wool filters are not certified as N95, but Lanaco; our New Zealand supplier states the following: “the HELIX.iso™ filter range filters 80% of 0.3 micron particles. The wool-based HELIX™ Filter Technology is great for breathability. Any organic markings are harmless and are proof of the filter’s natural origin”. Here is a link to their page with more information about their filters.

Made in New Zealand by our award-winning home workforce

#TheGoodFacemask is made in New Zealand by our homeworkforce of female sewists and makers. These are women who would otherwise be unable to go out and work — so by purchasing a face mask and protecting your family, you’re bringing purposeful work to our team who are then able to obtain an income and support their family.

Must-have mask accessories

To go with your new mask, consider purchasing the Munch accessories that will ensure it stays clean and offers maximum protection: our filter insert options to keep airborne particles out, face mask carry bag for on the go, wash bag, laundry soap and wool laundry balls for the wash, and stainless steel pegs to hang out to dry. All Munch products are eco-friendly, sustainable and have been produced ethically.

The wearing of face masks is now our new normal, so it’s time to invest in reusable ones that will last a long time. #TheGoodFacemask is designed to keep you safe, and is produced ethically with both the creators and the environment in mind. Order yours now here .