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New Laundry Soap


Yahoo - we have finally launched our Laundry Soaps! A New Zealand made plant-based soap bar is out this month. These solid bars are made locally with natural ingredients making them a first for an NZ made solid bar in the laundry supermarket categories.

Go check out at your local New World. If they are not on shelf just ask one of the New World team.

Munch Laundry Soap have high cleaning power while caring for the environment and our skin. No nasties, cruelty free, completely natural and zero waste.


New Zealand ethical eco essentials company Munch has launched new completely natural Laundry Soap bars. They have removed all unnecessary ingredients and packaging to create a simple New Zealand made soap. All natural. No nasties. Cares for our environment and our skin.

The Munch Laundry Soap is tough on stains while being gentle enough for baby clothes and delicates. Low irritant. No added chemicals, no bleach. Just pure effective plant based soap.

Munch solid soap bars have an ultra low impact on the environment. Natural soap is safer for our waterways and environment. Cruelty free and GE free.

“We are excited to launch another NZ made product this month!” says Anna Bordignon, Founder and Director of Munch. ”We’re all about helping Kiwis be more sustainable every day.”

Munch has been making ethical eco essentials for the kitchen, laundry and baby categories for 5 years, saving over 800 thousand pieces of plastic in that time. 

Be a sustainability champion with Munch.

Try out our new Laundry Soap now!