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Munch Dish Soap stirring up interest!


This month we have launched our New Zealand made plant-based soap bars.

We have removed all unnecessary ingredients and packaging to create a simple New Zealand made solid dish soap. 100% natural soap. Made in New Zealand.

✔️ NO nasties. NO detergent.

✔️ NO plastic bottles - 1 bar of Munch Dish Soap saves around four bottles of dish liquid!

✔️ Vegan friendly plant-based soap, made with coconut

✔️ GE free, cruelty free

One bar of Munch Dish Soap saves four bottles of dish liquid. No detergent means less bubbles so no need to rinse dishes - relieving you of this extra step! 

Munch solid soap bars have an ultra low impact on the environment. Natural soap is safer for our waterways and environment. Cruelty free and GE free.

“We are excited to launch another NZ made product this month!” says Anna Bordignon, Founder and Director of Munch. ”We’re all about helping Kiwis be more sustainable every day.”

You will find our Munch Dish Soap (and our Laundry Soap) at your local New World store, or order online direct from Munch here.