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NZI Sustainable Business Awards

As we all know we here at Munch Cupboard are an eco-friendly social enterprise that produce high quality sustainable eco products for the whole family. We have three key aspects that we stand firmly by and they are the following:

Sustainable Motherhood workforce: we know how hard it can be getting back into work whilst being a mumma so we aim to help mummas get back out there. All but one of our staff are mummas and we could not be prouder.

Eco-friendly products: We strive to provide eco-friendly, unique products with strong design elements.

Advocates-Stand Up: We here at Munch aim to be strong advocates for our children. We run the Munch Awards each year which raise awareness for the good and bad in the kid’s food industry. We strive for a world without plastic, hence is why we brought out our Munch Produce Bags. To read more about issues we are involved in head to our stand-up page.

We are so unbelievably thrilled and honoured that we have been nominated for the ‘Hard Wired for Social Good’ category at the NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards 2018. We are up against some other amazing companies but really are so honoured to be one of the finalists.

So what are the NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards?

As stated on the website “The Awards recognise and celebrate success in sustainability”. These awards have been running for 16 years and it is all about celebrating the contributions that businesses and individuals contribute to transforming New Zealand. The ‘Hard Wired for Social Good’ award, we are nominated for, focuses on “an organisation that is deliberately and consistently improving people’s lives through its day to day business practices. Social good is integrated throughout the whole organisation.”

The awards are held on the 22ndNovember 2018 and we are lucky enough to attend. Of course we would love to win this amazing award but we are just so honoured to be a finalist. To read more about the awards click here