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Eco hero cup review

As you know we are all about sustainability here at Munch Cupboard. Which leads me to our Eco Hero range and in this case the Eco Hero toddler cup. Our Munch Eco Hero Toddler cup is made from Rice Husk, which is a by-product of the rice industry. Because the Eco Hero range is made from Rice Husks this makes them completely biodegradable meaning you can chuck it in the compost once you’re done. Simple as that. Why am I talking about the Eco Hero Toddler cup you may ask? Well, we have another amazing Eco Hero Toddler Cup review. We are lucky enough to have the amazing Kristen from the Southern Chicken Lady review our Eco Hero Toddler Cup. So, what did Kristen have to say?

 “We even use water in ours after she’s had her cup of juice for the day. The mouth piece is soft silicone which is easy to sip from and easy to clean. Some sippy cups we’ve purchased before are made of hard plastic and you can never get to those tiny crevices to clean thoroughly so this was really nice to discover how soft the spout is”. Kristen is right about the silicon tip. The soft silicon spout promotes natural drinking action which is amazing for healthy oral development. Kids only need to use minimal pressure when drinking which means they won’t damage their teeth or soft palates.


She also had this to say about the Eco Hero Toddler cup “One you won’t just throw out days or weeks after purchasing because it broke or you can’t get it clean so you choose to toss it out. Toddlers can be very messy when it comes to food and drinks ( I know mine were very messy at times), this cup makes it easy to clean, use and is eco-friendly. It’s a win, win!”. We completely agree with Kristen here as she is completely right! These cups are made to last and we absolutely love them ourselves