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Our mid winter gratitude drinks with the HQ team
A fun selfie taken at D4 Wellington.  So grateful to have such a fun, positive, highly capable motivated HQ team who I absolutely adore. I am very grateful for the years of loyalty and they have really shown me true care this year. I could not have got through this year without them! 
This wonderful HQ team consists of our Logistics Manager Sonya, Book Keeper Tania, Meg Hardie-boys Social Media, Kat Sales Representative and Anna Bordignon CEO Founder.
We have a number of other contractors who also work very hard for us. But this little occasion was just the HQ team as we share more than our dream of creating an iconic brand for New Zealand but also the ups and downs of life as we spend so much time together. It is so so nice to work with people you respect, care for and have fun with.