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Philosophy and the green movement - thoughts by Anna our Founder

Philosophy - thoughts by Anna

I have been reading a lot of philosophy lately. My best friend is a philosophy teacher and I have always had an interest in this but lately I have really develved into it more deeply. I also met a new friend who introduced me to the School of Life by Alain de Botton. I am very grateful to this new friend for this introduction which he would have no idea the impact it had on me. Again I think it is amazing how the universe works especially how people come into your life for short periods and can give you so much to revel in without them even realising. It is a reminder for me that all interactions should come from a deliberate equal offering as you never know where they will land.
The philosophers range from dark ones like Carl Jung through to Aristotle and more. Although I am really enjoying the modern day philosophers and particular Alan de Bottom with his views on the damage of romanticising life to revealing your insanities as a way to connect more with people. With all the development of AI we will definitely need astute philosophers to ensure our human rights/ideals are recognised!
So how does this all relate to the green movement? Well I think on many accounts, for example Aristotle said the following:
'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'
I think this applies to those that criticise the green movement and accepting without consideration etc.J Krishnamurti said the following:
'The demand for more and more experiences shows the inward poverty of a man' 
I absolutely love this one and believe many people get caught in this and can be applied to limiting our consumption/production. As Carl Jung says those
'who look outside, dreams: who looks inside, awakes'.

Eco tips - the mental mind

The mind can play a huge part on how we manage our actions and thoughts on climate change. Until a thought is put into action it is really only a thought and one that might run away on you. Although these days I believe we need to find more time for thinking but with reasonable states of minds which are derived from how we speak to ourselves.
I have grave concerns on how climate change is effecting the mental state of our children and often ponder how we can express urgent matters of climate without creating a sense of fear. I tried out ChatGP on our blog and inserted 'how to talk to children about climate change', you can read it over at our blog but it really was quite wide. You might even find it a little funny, so I have kept it up there. So lately I have come up with my 10 points to think about climate change without disturbing the healthy positive mind of people. Here they are below:
  1. Humans put man on the moon, which we all thought as impossible
  2. We humans have evolved from the cavemen days and history tells us that evolution will continue
  3. We humans can live in the dessert or on the ice and completely thrive
  4. There is no impossible if we have drive and education
  5. Worry is a useless thought and is only useful if action is followed
  6. Looking to the problems of the past is important to ensure we don't repeat them
  7. Global decision making is how we must think about these larger issue
  8. Small personal steps are important
  9. Don't let convenience over shadow the right thing to do for the planet
  10. Learn and keep growing the mind which is unlimited and is the only way forward

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Anna MB x