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The ultimate guide to green gifting this Christmas!

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, filled with love, laughter, and festivities. 

It is also the most wasteful time of the year, from electricity usage to surplus food, presents, wrapping, and travel. 

The festive season takes a toll on the environment, but it doesn’t have to. Munch is here to point you in the right direction!

Stockings are a waste culprit – their contents are intended for family fun and games, and to be a surprise from Santa. 

We can’t have Christmas without Santa! Or without all of the memories that come with these special moments. 

That’s why, this Christmas, Munch set out to provide our customers with fun little gifts, that make for perfect stocking stuffers, but will be useful and loved for seasons to come.  

Our founder Anna recently attended the Spring Gift Fair with her brands Munch and nil, where she found an array of beautiful gift options that are ethically made in New Zealand, aren’t expensive and don’t harm our planet! 


Behold… Munch’s Ultimate guide to green gifting. There’s truly something for everyone at Munch this Christmas! 


Our Short-Tailed New Zealand Jelly-Tip Journal is so unique to New Zealanders, it would make a lovely gift to someone going travelling. Or, our NZ Road Code Journal might be a useful reminder of the NZ road rules again before their return. 


We have a beautiful range of gifts from Jo Lupin Design, inspired by NZ flora and fauna. 

The Jo Luping Eco felt Grow Bags are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles that were meant for landfills but have been transformed into something beautiful to grow new life in. They’re an ideal gift for someone with a green thumb. 


Jo Lupin also has a beautiful range of porcelain Trinket Bowls and Hanging Tiles (which can be multipurpose as Christmas tree decorations, or home décor). 

Anna picked up the most gorgeous range of Kiwiana-themed Stocking Stuffers, from crayons to card games, they are gifts with a purpose, to help more New Zealanders learn and use Te Reo.  

For the younger ones, choose from; crayons labelled in Māori and English, Kiwiana matching number cards, memory, and kiwi Alphabet flash cards


For adults, grab our Kāri Kai Set. A functional, fun way to bring Te Reo to the table. 


 For Mum, grab our Kowhai Earrings made from recycled plastic by Remix, or for a sister or friend grab an eye mask, konjac sponge, or wooden comb. 


For the sweet tooth, Anna found nostalgia-inducing Gigglepuss Candy. From large matchboxes to tins that once should have contained Edmonds baking powder, Gigglepuss is something fun to add to your gifts.



For the baby of the family, (and mum, because these are so aesthetically pleasing!) grab a Honu Turtle Bath Toy, made from recycled fishing nets, they’re helping keep our oceans clean for future generations. Their unique mould-free design allows the toy to be opened for cleaning, giving peace of mind there are no nasties! Each Greta the Great™ Toy saves around 67g of Carbon Dioxide emissions from entering Earth’s atmosphere (that’s more than her weight of Co2!)


We know how unachievable it seems to make Christmas 100% Eco-Friendly, but Munch is here making it easier to take small steps in the right direction. 


Questions you can ask yourself to ‘check in’ with eco-gifting goals: 

For stocking stuffers, think: second-hand, homemade, or eco-friendly in some way. 


For bigger gifts ask:

Are the gifts you’re buying ethically made? 

What are they made from? 

Are you shopping locally to minimize your carbon footprint? 


If you’re stuck for ideas, our Munch ladies have been working hard behind the scenes making Eco Gift Boxes to take the pressure off!


From baby feeding, and baby soothing, to an Eco Lunch Box gift box, these are great starter packs for anyone wanting to act more eco-friendly in the New Year.


Oh! We can’t forget Christmas cards… opt to save waste and send a digital card this year, or grab an Eco card made from FSC® certified paper. Our range is printed by Live Wires using vegetable-based inks on paper produced from certified and audited (WMF) Well Managed Forest plantations. 


Small optimistic steps can save the world.


Munch x