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nil Baby Feeders are the best when it comes to introducing solids safely and is also a very helpful tool for teething babies.

  • EASY TO CLEAN - Clean-up is very easy unlike other products that use the mesh material, all you do is wash in warm soapy water or boil the fresh baby feeder for sterilization. The food grade silicone is stain resistant and won't spot or stain like similar mesh bag products. NO MESSY MESH BAG.
  • 2-in-1 BABY FOOD/FRUIT FEEDER HAS 100% FOOD GRADE SILICONE NIPPLE - This Silicone Baby Feeder is made from the highest food grade silicone which is BPA Free, Lead Free, Petroleum Free, Latex Free and Phthalates Free.
  • INTRODUCE SOLID FOODS SAFELY - Moms can relax knowing that their little one can be introduced to solid foods through our food feeder. The small holes DO NOT allow chunks of food through which could induce choking. Use it as a teething toy as it RELIEVES YOUR BABY'S ACHING ITCHY GUMS - By chewing on the soft silicone textured nipple your baby will soothe their gums.  But if your babies teeth do come through their gums we suggest you stop using the feeder.
  • VARIETY OF FEEDER USES - Use with, fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, meats, ice chips, breast milk or use it to administer medicine to your baby.This item is not a toy. Never leave child unattended while eating or drinking. Always inspect feeder after each cleaning and before each use. Always check that the snap-tight lock is secure. Discard and replace item at first sign of wear or damage. When baby is finished with feeder, take feeder out of reach.  Do not use the feeder if your baby has sharp teeth. Use only when they have gums not when their teeth have come through.


Our nil baby feeders are part of our Product Stewardship Silicon Collection Project. The teat part of the feeder is made from silicone. The first ever in the Southern Hemisphere. Like all our products we are strong believers in leaving no waste from our products. You can send your silicon products to us at our Showroom as we are the first ever collection point for silicon. We will then reuse the silicon for another product. You can read more about this over at our Product Stewardship Silicon Collection Point here.

Note mixed option you will receive any colour.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Katherine Peth
Really useful

So much better than the muslin ones. These are so easy to clean. Thanks Munch.

Penny Adams
Starting Solids

This was so good when I started solids with my baby. It is also very well priced as others I have seen charge up to $20. Affordable useful and totally recommend.

Patricia Becan
Great for starting solids

A great product to help with starting solids. Another awesome product I have purchased from Munch. I also recommend the Baby Cookbook and Baby Tray.

Penelope T
So easy to clean

With my first child I used a mesh one from another brand. It was hopeless. This silicon one by Munch is amazing. Totally recommend.

Patricia Evans
The perfect starting solid product

It was so helpful when I started solids with my little one...