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Great multi-purpose option when not in use for baby.  Use for work and school lunch preparation, 7 healthy portions to grab and go from the fridge or freezer, saves time and waste when getting those week day lunches organised.

  • NEVER WORRY ABOUT BACTERIA, STAINING OR ODOURS - Our baby food tray being made of silicone means that it's naturally bacteria resistant and won't stain, smell or gain scuffs and scratches over time like many plastic baby food containers will.
  • REMOVING FROZEN FOOD HAS NEVER BEEN SIMPLER - The wide, round shape of each cube and the sturdy base of the tray releases each portion with minimal effort - no more twisting and sore fingers and no breaking or cracks like with baby food glass jars!
  • UNIQUE CLIP-ON LID DESIGN - It's easy to remove when frozen and easy to clip back on when refreezing. The lid prevents contamination, freezer burns and food spillage.
  • DURABLE & MULTI FUNCTIONAL TRAY - use the Munch baby food tray for breast milk storage, as a large ice cube tray, herb freezer tray, finger food tray, jelly mould, mini muffin mould, mini cupcake mould, lollipop mould, paint palette tray and as a left over freezer storage container for broths, wine, juice, soups and sauces - the functions of this tray are endless!
  • PURPOSE- Helping you make healthy homemade baby food


Our nil silicon baby bowls are part of our Product Stewardship Silicon Collection Project. The first ever in the Southern Hemisphere. Like all our products we are strong believers in leaving no waste from our products. You can send your silicon products to us at our Showroom as we are the first ever collection point for silicon. We will then reuse the silicon for another product. You can read more about this over at our Product Stewardship Silicon Collection Point here.


Customer Reviews

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Willow K

I purchased my first tray at Farmers for my baby and then I relised i needed another one for my toddler. They are awesome 👌 👏

Elizabeth J
So useful

I find the Munch Food Tray so useful. I make a whole lot of puree food and freeze it. Small portions pop out so easily. I also write on the lid what is in it and date I made it. Each time I wash it the felt marking is removed so I can write in it again.

Perfect storage container

The perfect storage container for baby food and for my Toddler. So versatile!!

Starting Solids Kit

I got one of these in the Munch Starting Solids Kits and I use it all the time. Thanks Munch

Maria Mathews
Useful product

Love this. Use it every day!